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Capt CJ Collins

I have been Licensed since 1986 and have over 33 years as a boating professional. Operating Push Tugs, T-class passenger powerboats and sailboats. Supply boats, Crew boats. Offshore Wire Towing Tugs with Barges. Licensed as Master. Near Coastal, Inland and Western Rivers. Operated as a captain on the newest ASD & ATD Tractor Tugs in the United States. And most recently the Push Tugs. 29 of those years have been as a USCG Licensed Captain. I am currently Just retired from the largest shipper of oil and clean product in the waters of America, Kirby Inland Marine.I am an expert in the handling of these very large tows on the Inland Waters and Western Rivers of Texas and Louisiana an Mississippi. I hold many licenses and endorsements from the USCG as well as all of the major waterborne safety programs.

I was right at ground zero for the BP oil spill with Marine Spill Response Corporation (MSRC) On vessels like the one pictured above and I have received awards for my efforts in that clean up. In addition to being a highly trained Tractor Tug captain and Tugboat captain, over the years, from time to time I have helped PRIVATE YACHT OWNERS in the care, voyage planning, deliveries and maintenance of their fine yachts. And that is the purpose of this website. To help those whom ask, in creating a safe,fun AND affordable Voyage Plan. My latest endeavor is in Marine Surveys and Yacht Valuations. I am also a very skilled sailor & the guy to beat on the race course in my sailboat. Sometimes you have to play the hand god gives you, even if it's the winning hand. (Charles Sr.) 

Capt CJ Collins at your service.