Capt CJ Collins

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* Unlimited Master of Towing Vessels Upon Near Coastal Waters and Western Rivers

* Designated Examiner for Towing Officer Assessment Record (TOAR)

* Qualified Assessor for the following STCW endorsements for Master 500gt or less NC

   A-II/3 OICNW; A-II/4 RFPNW; A-II/4 AS-D; V1/2-1 Survival Craft other than Fast Rescue Boats. 

* Master of Steam or Motor Vessels not including auxiliary sail Of less than 1,600 Gross Register Tons (GRT) Upon Near Coastal Waters.    

* Radar Observer ( Unlimited ) With ARPA. (Advanced Radar Plotting Aids)

* Master of Self-Propelled Vessels Including Auxiliary Sail of Less than 100 Gross Tons (GRT) Upon Near Coastal Waters

* STCW II/1; II/2; II/3; II/4; II/5; IV/2; VI/1; IV/2: VI/3; VI/6 (Valid until 22 June 2021)

  ** Master - Not valid on vessels 3,000 Gross Tons (GT) or more. Limited to Coastal Voyages.

  ** Master - Limited to vessels of less than 100 Gross Tons (Domestic Tonnage). Valid for service on Auxiliary Sail Vessels. 

                                Limited to Near Coastal Voyages 

  ** Officer in Charge of Navigational Watch (OICNW)

  **Proficiency in survival craft and other rescue boats (PSC) Proficiency in Fast rescue Boats. 

* Lifeboatman. Valid for Service on Fast Rescue Boats * 

* Able Seaman-Any Waters, Unlimited